Thursday, June 1, 2017

412i 419e IRS audits, 6707a penalties, form 8886 listed transactions


  1. Trust,Beta 419,Millennium Plan,Bisys,Creative Services Group,Sterling Benefit Plan,Compass 419,Niche 419,CRESP,Sea Nine Veba, American Benefits Trust, National Benefit Plan and Trust, ABT, Professional Benefits Trust Benistar 419 Plan, nova trust, Grist mill trust, Sadi Trust IRS raids, Millennium 419 Plan,Bisys 419,Creative Services Group 419 Plan,Sterling Benefit 419 Plan,CRESP 419,Sea Nine Veba 419, National Benefit Plan and Trust 419, American Benefits Trust 419,ABT 419,Old Mutual, Allmerica Financial, American Heritage Life, Commercial Union Life, National Life of Vermont, Old Line Life, Security Mutual Life, West Coast Life "Grist Mill Trust" "Real Veba""Section 79 GEAR" GEAR" "United Financial Group" "Kenny Hartstein" "Millennium Plan" Kenny Hartstein" "Millennium Plan" "Tom Crosswhite" "Greg Roper""captive insurance" cresp "Ridge Plan" "Professional benefits Trust" "PBT " "Professional Planning Associates" "National Pension Associate" "NPA""Heritage Plan" ""Insurance fraud""pension and benefit plan fraud""insurance company fraud""ECI Pension Services""Pension Professionals of America""ABI""Hartford""AIG""Indy Life""Indianapolis Life""Advantage" Names of People who SOLD: "Kenny Hartstein""Dennis Cunning""Steve Toth""Michael Sonnenberg"Larry Bell""Scott Ridge""Randall Smith""Greg Roper""Tracy Sunderlage""Warren Trust""Joseph Donnelly""Norm Bevan""Judy Carsrud""Dan Carpenter""Ed Waesche" "Tom Crosswhite""David Struckman""George Huff" "Tom Crosswhite" "Greg Roper""Christopher Jarvis" David Mandell" Gen Von Oder Insurance Companies -- need to be 412 AND 419: Hartford 419, Pacific Life 419, PAC Life 419, AVIVA, 419, Indianpolis Life, Penn Mutual419,Bankers Life 419, John Hancock 419, Security Mutual 419, Transamerica 419,Prudential 419, Kansas City Life 419, Mass Mutual419, Guardian 419, Amerus 419, Wells Fargo 419, Fifth Third Bank 419, Arrow Head Trust 419, U.S. Benefits Group, Benefit Plan Advisors, Rex Insurance Service,Advantage,AIG, Old Mutual, Allmerica Financial, American Heritage Life, Commercial Union Life, National Life of Vermont, Old Line Life, Security Mutual Life, West Coast Life


  2. Author/Speaker
    Lance Wallach

    As Managing Director, Lance Wallach is a member of the AICPA faculty
    of teaching professionas, AICPA

    As Author, Instructor and National Speaker, He was named the National
    Society of Accountants Speaker of the Year.

    Lance has written over 50 national financial publications.

    O F F I C E o f L A N C E W A L L A C H | 516-938-5007
    Please click here to Contact Mr. Wallach

    "Mr. Wallach, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me today about VEBAs. Any information
    you can send me would be helpful. Hopefully, we can work together in
    the future as interest in VEBAs increase."

    -Corman G. Franklin
    Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy U.S. Department of Labor

    "Thank you for providing me with this information. I will review it next week and, I’m sure, be in
    touch. I very much appreciate your help.

    -Amanda J. Andrews
    Associate Counsel, Legal Division
    Arkansas Insurance Department

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    "Lance Wallach even tries to help the IRS go after the sellers of abusive 419, 412i, captive insurance and section 79 plans. He has also spoken at conventions partially sponsored by
    the IRS, met with IRS officials at their headquarters in Washington D.C. and has received phone calls from the IRS on point."

    "Lance Wallach does NOT give the IRS the names of people that RETAIN him to help them. Lance does not give the IRS the names of people that he refers to others for help"