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As an expert witness Lance Wallach side has never lost a case: Specializing in 419, 412i, benefit plan assistance

As an expert witness Lance Wallach side has never lost a case: Specializing in 419, 412i, benefit plan assistance...: Specializing in 419, 412i, benefit plan assistance, audits & Abusive tax shelters "America's leading Tax  representing Firm &q...

"Mr. Wallach, thanks
so much for taking the
time to talk to me today
about VEBAs. Any
information you can
send me would be
helpful.  Hopefully, we
can work together in
the future as interest in
VEBAs increase."

Corman G. Franklin
Office of the
Assistant Secretary
for Policy
U.S. Department
of Labor

Email correspondence
Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Happy New Year Mr. Wallach
and thanks for the article.


Ronald R. Itzkowitz
National EP Customer
Partnership Analyst
Internal Revenue Service -
Employee Plans
Letter to Lance Wallach from
Ford Motor benefits
Fri, 11 Jan 2008
Subject: VEBAs

Dear Mr. Wallach,

It as a pleasure speaking with you  this
afternoon. I appreciate the time you spent
listening and the giving of your advice.

Next week, we, a small splinter union
(IAM)  within a large Ford Motor facility, at
Cleveland Casting Plant will be
negotiating our contract. This site is mostly
represented by the UAW who have already
consummated their contract with Ford
Motor Company, and has accepted the
VEBA option for their retirees. Their VEBA
will be run by the UAW and whoever they
decide to confide in to execute the health
care benefit and the investments with the
millions that Ford Motor will hand over to
them, and then Ford will wash their hands
of any more health care responsibilities.

Our IAM negotiations start Jan. 14th. The
small group of individuals that will be
across the table from the experts
representing Ford Motor, are comprised of
a few elected people that are Pattern
Maker/Machinist by trade. We have no one
of any particular expertise in finance,
healthcare, or investment. We are
expected to come to terms with
little, to no knowledge or leverage of the
task set before us. We have 1300 people's
lives that will be affected by these
negotiations. It is a shame that the larger
unions will not step up to the plate and
help with the terms that we are faced with.
Ford Motor will use this to their advantage
to squeeze a few more dollars out of our

Thank you again for your generous
contribution of foresight and knowledge to
the concerns facing the American workers
in this globalistic battle for the bottom line.

Mark A. Gwynn
IAM Benefits Rep.
Ford Motor
Cleveland Casting Plant

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